Syllabus 2016 – 2017

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 SYLLABUS From Idea to Research and Publishing in the Social Sciences 2016 – 2017

Syllabus, Graduate School for Social Research

Semesters I and II, 2016-2017

From Idea to Research and Publishing in the Social Sciences (30 hours) 

Instructor:                    Dr. Joshua K. Dubrow

Place:                          GSSR, Palac Staszica, Nowy Swiat 72

Time and date:             TBA

Course Website: 

Office Hours:              By appointment

Course Description 

The purpose of this course is to instruct graduate students on how to turn their research ideas into high quality research products, including dissertation proposal, conference presentations, proposal for grants, awards and fellowships, or a journal article.  This course discusses best practices for:

(1)  Developing ideas into manageable research projects

(2) Developing research questions that generate interest and answer the question of “So What?”

(3)  Sorting through research studies relevant to one’s project

(4)  Framing research questions, problem statements and results to specific types of audiences

(5)  Finding sources of funding, awards and fellowships, conferences and publication outlets

(6)  Completing funding, award and fellowship applications

(7)  Participating in conferences and in professional associations

(8)  Sending an article to academic journals for publication consideration

(9)  Research ethics

In addition, we will examine main research trends the social sciences, including cross-national comparisons and interdisciplinarity.