GSSR Promseminar Second Semester Schedule 2010

For GSSR students in the ICNS specialization, here is the second semester schedule (2010):

 Dates  Topic  Assignments
March 4 Exchange of current research ideas; Practicalities of theory construction Read and discuss:  Murray, M. S. 1971.  “That’s Interesting!…” Philosophy of the Social Sciences.
March 25 Exchange of current research ideas; Bridging interdisciplinarity with cross-national research Read and discuss: Smelser, N.  2003.  “On Comparative Analysis, Interdisciplinarity and Internationalization in Sociology.”  International Sociology
April 8 Exchange of current research ideas; Writing papers for major journals Selections from the book, Writing for Social Scientists by Becker.
May 13 Exchange of current research ideas; Finding and Applying for Funding Opportunities TBA

 Class meets in Room 211 at 15:00.

The 2nd Semester Syllabus can be downloaded as PDF here: ICNS PROSEM SCHEDULE FOR 2010 PDF

Proseminar for GSSR Students in ICNS Specialization

There will be a proseminar for GSSR students in the Interdisciplinary Cross-National Studies (ICNS) specialization on December 10, 2009, at 1500 in Room 211. 
Students are to read the following article and be prepared to discuss it: 

Jacobs, Jerry A. and Scott Frickel.  2009.  “Interdisciplinarity: A Critical Assessment.”  Annual Review of Sociology 35:43-65. 

The reading can be found in the “Readings” section on the sidebar of this website.

Proseminar for PhD Students at Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw

For PhD students at the Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw, there will be a proseminar on writing publishable articles on Thursday, November 26, 2009 at 1800 in Room 104.
Participants are to read the following articles and be prepared to discuss them:
1.  What is Originality in the Humanities and the Social Sciences? by Guetzkow et al from American Sociological Review 2004.
2.  A Graduate Student’s Guide to Publishing Scholarly Journal Articles by Van Cott from PS Politics 2005.
3.  Comparatively Evaluating Potential Dissertation and Thesis Projects by Rothman from PS Politics 2008.
All readings are available from the Readings link in the sidebar.
The seminar will be conducted by Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow.  His CV is here