Structure of Empirical Research Articles in the Social Sciences

How to Review an Article 

Finding and Applying for Funding Opportunities


Guetzkow et al (2004) What is Originality in the Humanities and the Social Sciences?

That’s Interesting! (1971)


rights of passage 2001

proposing a dissertation 2001

key to successful prospectus

Evaluating Dissertation Projects (applies to writing articles) PS 2005

twelve rules for writing a publishable article

Graduate Student Guide to Publishing PS 2005

Hope for the Out-of-Step Scholar 2012

On the Art of Writing Proposals: Some Candid Suggestions for Applicants to Social Science Research Council Competitions

Debunking Some Myths about Grant Writing

Grantsmanship: what makes proposals work?

Eitzen et al 1999 AS Integrating Professional Socialization and Training for Sociology Graduates

Adler_and Adler identity career of the graduate student 2005

Burawoy_combat in the dissertation zone 2005

Ferrales_sociology as a vocation 2005

Haggerty_professional lessons for graduate students 2010

Miller_how to be a peer reviewer 2013

Rich_publishing as a graduate student 2013

Zigerell_common mistakes in quantitative manuscripts


KING_reforming the conference presentation

HASSNER_Sliding into homeplate

Smith_improving conference presentations 2011

Salmond_cheating death by powerpoint 2011


case of the unfair review AS 1990

Donovan Big Journals Small Journals 2011

ASA Task Force 2013 Review_Times_in_Sociology

Simpson Ethics for Reviewers AS 1990

Stryker Ethics of Journal Editors AS 1990


Kohn 1987 on Cross National Research

What is Interdisciplinarity? ARS 2009

Comparative Analysis, Interdisciplinarity and Internationalization in Sociology (2003)

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